Thursday, February 20, 2014

53 Pick Up

Before you comment on my ability to count - I know a normal deck of cards is only 52. In actuality my deck is even more than 53. You'll understand shortly.

So in the artsy, Zentangle world that I live in, trading ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) is a pretty routine thing, and I love it.  You make a card and send it away anxiously awaiting for a card to return to you. It is like waiting for Christmas to arrive.  The most recent trade I joined was a for a whole deck of cards, actually 53 cards. The extra card would create an extra deck when everyone's cards are combined and some lucky person will receive two back in the mail! There were no specific requirements other than each needed to include Zentangle. My Zentangly CZT friend Sharon Payne organized this trade and I want to thank her because it is quite a lot of work.

My cards were mostly finished before my recent shoulder surgery. All I had left to do was tape my info to the back of each card and mail them away. When it came time to do this - I realized I had more than 53 cards. I guess I was having too much fun and lost track of the number.

Things I learned in the process.

  • It is a bit easier to tangle a large piece of paper and then cut it down to size. 
  • When you cut it down to size you will be surprised by what you get.
  • Plan on using heavy duty pens - watercolor paper and painted papers are hard on microns.
  • An ugly Gelli print can become a lovely ATC - don't throw the uglies away.
  • Shading can be done with a gray marker on top of color.
  • Shading can be striking and surprisingly beautiful when you use a contrasting colored pencil.

Here are all of my cards - I'd love to hear what you think. Do you like some more than others? Which ones?  Thanks for visiting.

The first five groups are made on watercolor paper with Dylusions spray inks.

These two groups are made on watercolor paper with home made acrylic sprays.

The last four sets are Gelli prints on card stock.

There you have it! Time to play 57 pick up and get to the post office.


  1. Lovely! I've never been a fan of Dylusions (they run), but you made that look striking! The Gelli ones are especially colorful and happy.
    I hope I get one!
    Diana Hirsch, CZT6

  2. Love the ones on Gelli prints! Such aot of work & so very beautiful!

  3. I like them all Janet. Now I wish I had participated. NancyD

  4. Beautiful! I'm going to have to try shading with contrasting colored pencil. I'm working through the ink first and have a long way to go!


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