Monday, January 6, 2014

Art Madness & Getting Started

I had a few moments of insanity over my holiday break. I over committed myself again.  I'm not too concerned though because I committed to do things I love to do - - - MAKE ART - - -!

1. Art Abandonment - a face book group that leaves their art in public places for other people to find. What a cool idea and I can't wait to get going on this.

2. CZT - ATC deck swap - by deck I mean 52 cards! YIKES! That is 52, 2.5 x 3.5 inch masterpieces. I have finished 4 - gotta get moving.

3. Journal52 - another FB group that is going to provide weekly prompts and workshops for your art journals.

4. The Documented Life Program - this FB group is also doing weekly prompts for art journalists. This one included an optional on-line class to help you get started. I loved it.

5. I offered to make a piece of art for a friends charity auction.

Do you think I have bitten off more than I can chew? Perhaps - but what a way to go - drowning in art supplies!

Here is some of my work in progress.

The first stages of painting my moleskin.
Finished cover. - Several layers, rubber stamps, acrylic paint, paint markers, collage elements.

Month tabs made of the scrap paper that protects my table when I do Gelli printing.

These are some of the "tip-ins" or pages I added to the journal.
Vintage needle book.
Inside of needle book.

My Gelli Prints
Scrapbook paper

The first weeks prompt was "doors"

Now it is time to get back to "work" - PLAY on my ATC cards. - I hope you enjoyed. 


  1. Your journal is looking wonderful - off to a good start for 2014! Love the graphics of old needle books. Good find!

  2. Yay!! Another documenter! And seriously I gotta check out the deck card thing! You know I love that vintage needle cat tip in!! Love your door too!

  3. I love your door also, and thanks for the links to learn more stuff. My plate is full already but I love to keep on learning. CZT7


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