Saturday, October 25, 2014

Catching Up!

Catching Up!

It always seems to happen in the fall. School starts along with paper grading, appointments need to happen after school, Zentangle® classes, bible study, coursework and. . . oh yeah, doing all the stuff that has to get done every week. I'm stretched a little thin.  Ah hem, I mean my time is stretched a bit thin. :)

I've had three awesome Zentangle classes that I need to report on.  We had a fantastic Organic Garden class on September 20 at the Brewer Public Library. Eight lovely ladies attended. The work you all did was fabulous.

We had another Zentangle 101 class at Bangor Adult Ed on October 9 with 7 new Zentangle students. It was a historical event too. Daniel is my very first gentleman Zentangle student. He held up pretty well, surrounded by 6 other enthusiastic tanglers. Speaking of enthusiasm my new friend Jeanne Curran might also make history one of these days, as my first student to go onto becoming a CZT.

Daniel - my first gentleman student.

On October 19 the "Bijou® in a Box" class was held at Brewer Public Library. There were 4 victims students there.  Surely I jest, well not completely. The four ladies were great students. Let's just say paper folding is not for everyone. I want to thank my friend and fellow CZT, Jenny Peruzzi for inspiring me to do this class. I'm not saying I'll never do it again, but I think it needs some work. Thanks for sticking it out ladies. Your Bijou tiles came out wonderfully.

FYI - The tangle that slipped my mind was Maryhill. You can find the step outs by the CZT Betsy Wilson.
Speaking of my friend Jenny, she and another fabulous artist Chris Titus, also a CZT started a face book page you might be interested in called Square One: Purely Zentangle®. They focus on the original Zentangle tiles and every week they focus on a different tangle. Last week it was aquafleur and these are the two tiles I posted.

The tangles (patterns) on these tiles will be taught at the Organics: Under the Sea class at Brewer Public Library on November 22. Email me to reserve your spot.

Zentangle-like artwork done by 2nd graders at my school.

Did you know Rosie O'Donnell is an avid tangler? You can see her discussing it with Whoopie Goldberg on "The View".

One of the best things about my journey with Zentangle is the new friends I have made. 
Please leave a comment, so I'll know you are there.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zentangle 101 and Upcoming Classes

I want to thank the 16 fabulous ladies who came to Zentangle 101 at Bangor Adult Ed tonight. That is the biggest class I've had in that room, but it worked out just fine.  It was more like Zentangle 1-0-Wow!

Lots and lots of fun!  Here is the mosaic of their first tiles.

Upcoming Classes

Zentangle 101 at Bangor Adult Ed
 - October 9
 - November 13

To register contact Bangor Adult Education

Upcoming Classes At Brewer Public Library
All students must have completed Zentangle®101, and bring their original Zentangle supplies (Micron 01, soft pencil, tortillion (aka paper smudger).
The classes will run from 9:00 am to 11:30.
Class fee is $20.00, plus $5.00 for supplies.
If you register and pay for class prior to the day of class, your supplies will be free.

Organic Garden - Saturday, September 20
You are going to love learning organic tangles that will remind you of your summer gardens. We’ll work on a toned paper and utilize shading, and white highlights to bring your garden to life. You will leave with a larger (approx. 8x11) piece of artwork and handouts.

Bijou in a Box - Saturday, October 18
An introduction to Bijou, the new 2” tile from Zentangle®! In this class you will meet our new friend and learn the ins and outs of tangling on a twinchie. You will also create an origami box to hold several Bijou tiles in an accordion folded booklet. This is a fun class, and you’ll leave with a sweet little box of art, suitable for gifting.

Organics Under the Sea -  Saturday, November 22

This workshop will have have you swimming in lovely organic tangles that remind you of tropical waters. We’ll work on toned paper and utilize shading and white highlights to bring your ocean scene to life. You will leave with a larger (approx. 8x11) piece of artwork and handouts.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zentangle Swamps CBS

Today I mailed away my square tile in a square envelope with a letter to CBS Good Morning. The purpose was to encourage them to interview Rick and Maria. Zentangle enthusiasts from all around the world mailed their tiles and letters today. I can imagine the beauty in that mailroom. Do you suppose mail clerks will be fighting over who gets to keep the pretty art and gorgeous envelopes? I imagine it will be a lot like the scene in Miracle on 42nd Street when the post office delivers all those  letters to Santa Clause.

Envelope front

Envelope reverse

My letter reads:

Dear CBS - I hope you will consider interviewing Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Zentangle®.  This art form has helped me lose weight and kept my hands and heart busy as I waited for my husband to recuperate following a triple bi-pass and best of all it keeps my 20 4th graders quiet and productive while we wait for busses each day. The become so still and quiet other adults in the building stop in to check our pulses. It calms the kids with anxiety and focuses the kids with attention deficits. This is important and and should be shared. Janet Nordfors, CZT 9

I look forward to seeing the interview!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Making Lemonade from Lemons

I have been loving my Gelli Plate. Looking at hundreds of prints and not sure what to do with them. This particular print includes paint combinations I wouldn't normally choose - so I was not enthralled with it at first, but it grew on me. I cut it up and tangled them for an ATC swap. These are my favorites of the almost 60 cards I made. The tangling is not as precise or fine as I would like, but the texture of the paint made it very difficult to draw on. Next time I make Gelli prints I will work on putting on less paint.

Gelli Print on white card stock

Tangled ACT's made with Gelli print above.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

53 Pick Up

Before you comment on my ability to count - I know a normal deck of cards is only 52. In actuality my deck is even more than 53. You'll understand shortly.

So in the artsy, Zentangle world that I live in, trading ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) is a pretty routine thing, and I love it.  You make a card and send it away anxiously awaiting for a card to return to you. It is like waiting for Christmas to arrive.  The most recent trade I joined was a for a whole deck of cards, actually 53 cards. The extra card would create an extra deck when everyone's cards are combined and some lucky person will receive two back in the mail! There were no specific requirements other than each needed to include Zentangle. My Zentangly CZT friend Sharon Payne organized this trade and I want to thank her because it is quite a lot of work.

My cards were mostly finished before my recent shoulder surgery. All I had left to do was tape my info to the back of each card and mail them away. When it came time to do this - I realized I had more than 53 cards. I guess I was having too much fun and lost track of the number.

Things I learned in the process.

  • It is a bit easier to tangle a large piece of paper and then cut it down to size. 
  • When you cut it down to size you will be surprised by what you get.
  • Plan on using heavy duty pens - watercolor paper and painted papers are hard on microns.
  • An ugly Gelli print can become a lovely ATC - don't throw the uglies away.
  • Shading can be done with a gray marker on top of color.
  • Shading can be striking and surprisingly beautiful when you use a contrasting colored pencil.

Here are all of my cards - I'd love to hear what you think. Do you like some more than others? Which ones?  Thanks for visiting.

The first five groups are made on watercolor paper with Dylusions spray inks.

These two groups are made on watercolor paper with home made acrylic sprays.

The last four sets are Gelli prints on card stock.

There you have it! Time to play 57 pick up and get to the post office.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bangor Adult Ed: Class or Party?

I was extremely hyped  on "class" night, so much so, I really worried that I overwhelmed my group of newbies. You see I was headed for shoulder surgery the next day. I had spent a load of time getting my day job classroom prepared and plans made for two weeks and I also wanted these ladies to enjoy themselves. You see I am not in this for the money . . . well not a lot of money . . . just enough to finance my art habits. I really want people to see the gift I found in Zentangle®.  I was facing weeks and possibly months without being able to even pick up my favorite micron drawing pen.  Of course my tangly friends said, try using your non dominant hand. Yeah, right.

I think they had a good time. I know I had a BLAST! They stayed almost a whole hour later than the class was suppose to end, so I take that as a good sign. A couple of them spoke of wanting to come back and do 101 again!

One of the big reasons I enjoy teaching these classes is because usually they are filled with like-minded people. The kind of people I'd love to hang out with. These ladies are the kind of people I'd invite over for a cup of coffee or even better, a glass of wine. They made me laugh and I'm pretty sure I made them laugh. Art should be joyful - it should be a place to escape from all that threatens to intrude on your peace.

Thanks Ladies for the lovely class party!

Look at what my talented students, partiers did!

I can't wait to see you all again at another class or party!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Prayerful Tangling

          One thing I love, love, love about Zentangle is that it facilitates my ability to pray. I have a hard time sitting still. My hands need to be doing something. If all else fails I start eating and that is never a good thing - at least, not for me. So sitting still and praying with intention was a challenge and I often found myself rushing.

          The first time I experienced this sincere prayerful stance doing art was when I was making a bookmark for my friend Bev.  I had known Bev all along but I really came to consider her a friend after my mom died in 2000. Church was a difficult place to be because it was something I shared with Mom. She and I sat in the same pew every week and she would reach over and hold my hand when it was time to pray. When I finally got myself back to my church after Mom's death I met all these wonderful folks who kind of became my surrogate parents.  That sounds a little strange because I am 54 years old. I guess you always miss your parents, no matter how old you are. Bev is one of those wonderful individuals who sincerely cares about how you are when she asks, "How are you?" She hugs you tight as if she's greeting you after a long absence. When she hugged me it reminded me of my mom. There are several women at church who remind me of Mom.  So this bookmark was just a small something to give Bev on an important birthday. I wanted her to know that she made a difference in my life. While making the small piece of artwork I spent the time thinking about her and praying that God keep her safe, healthy and happy. The artwork was not a big deal, but the prayer was sincere and I feel that there is no greater gift than asking God to watch over someone. I know that I have been prayed for on many occasions and there are no words to explain how powerful that is.

          Bev's son-in-law has hemachomatosis and liver cancer. Many trips from Florida to specialists in Cleveland have been a financial burden for the family. Today I finished up an Organic Zentangle Inspired piece which will be part of an auction and benefit supper for the family.

11x14 - framed original artwork 

          I really hope that someone feels inspired to bid for it. What I know, is that I prayed for Mike and his family. It felt good to do and I hope they will find comfort and peace in knowing they are loved.

          If you'd like to learn how to use the Zentangle Art method to be more mindful, contact me or go to the official Zentangle website to find a Certified Zentangle Teacher near you.